Better Us , Insya Allah ☼

Assalamualaikum and Hi !

Okay , here we go , posting abt myself , agaaiiiiiinnnn -.-

Lately , I heard a criticised about people mentioning about ...

'Alah dia tu , cakap je lebih . Tweet semua nak bajet bagus je . Macam lah kat luar dia buat semua tu . Euwwww'

'Tweet alim alim nak jadi twitfamous lah tu . Perasan bagus'

Yeah , maybe for some person it really is . But , just bear a bit positive thought in mind , the person is actually trying to attract people more into learning ISLAM .

People might say Imma one of a kind . Tweeting about islamics speaks but I just act like normal person outside . Terserahlah . 
I am trying to be better day by day . Insya Allah . Doakan ye :)

People , 
As we know , paradise is expensive .
So , to buy something expensive , we have to put some effort instead of going with the 'flow' . 
Obstacles might be send down by Allah into your life , onto earth , not to burden us beyond our ability of facing them . 

Allah tidak memberati ( menguji ) seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya…. (al-Baqarah 286)

Allah tahu niat kita . So , people , ignore bad and stinky mouth , as long we are doing something precious in a way towards Islam and Allah . Insya Allah .

We have found Islam as a way of life , so be greatful . Do what muslims do . Wear what muslims wear , and act like muslims act . But , dont search a disguise of a person in a midst of her/his behaviour . Try to understand them better , Insya Allah , Allah will open a way towards his paradise as wide as He could  for us . Try to attract them into a better muslims/muslimah . Get closer and nearer with them . 

Farewell , Assalamualaikum 

(He has something for better , like a recent tazkirah delivered by team kerohanian ASPER just now)

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