What worths us ?

Assalamualaikum and waddup !

It has been awhile since I didnt update my blog for a week I guess . Even longer .
There's nothing special or even peticular things happened on me these days . Well , overwhelmings and sadness , happiness and jocund may do . But , I cant tell ya here , they are all secret I have to keep myself :3

Oh , since I dont know what to post , I will just have pasted a photo to be shared . 
Nahhhh ... There you go :)

'Good man doesnt talk unnecessary things unless it can change the world'

Brace yourselves .
Make sure you talk something worths , benefits . Think before you speak .
Do not act selflessly . You will hurt others , and yourselves tho .

And , the most crucial , REMEMBER ALLAH IN EVERY ACTION . Allah loves you to infinity .
Thus , rely on Allah , for what you have did , for what you will take , for what you will do .
Do count for Redhallah and Barakallah . Insya Allah , you will get something that you never anticipate of .

Till here , Assalam :)

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