The serenity


I want to stop . All this distractions really suck away my breathes . 
I wanna be free .
This feeling suffocates me . 

This is a heartless me .
So I might make a scratch onto your heart .
So beware .

Of all suffers I've been through , I learnt a lot .
Not to give all I have . But to appreciate what I had .
You might hate this iniquity me .
For all I'd done .
But nobody is perfect . I know you knew .

I choose to be this way .
You dislike , just go away .
Imperfectly me took you away .
Those memories make my eyelids sway .

Run away gives me serene .
That I never feel that before .
To bear of the pain , the grief and the calamity .
This is the way .

Sorry .

Sincere me .

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