Assalamualaikum ...

Hehe . Time malam2 macam ni baru ada mood nak post entry . Siang2 tak pulak . Tapi , ilham pulak takde . Haihh . Okay , this time , my entry will be about ...
Jeng jeng jeng *laksana wira muncul dari tah mana . Okay abaikan -.-'*

Okay back to the topic , ...
My dream place ! I've fallen in love into Venice since I was a child .
Lawa kannnnn T.T

I think Venice is one of fascinate place to visit ... One day , i hope . Hehe ><
The scenery along the river is really eye-gazing and spectacular . Okay , have been wishing that I could reach Venice someday . Hehe pray for me !

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