End Sem T__T

Assalamualaikum geezers :)

Okay here am gonna post some short thangsss , 
since end semester exam is just around the corner and even very close to , I wanna ask and demand a simple thing from y'all .

Pray for me guysss T___T
This fright is just unbearable since theres a whole lot thing to cover !
And this blunt mind has been stucked awhile since it is saturated with infos from the previous test . K screw it ... *nangis*

Dalam otak ni dah plan macam2 for the activities after exam hehehehe
*mana lah ilmu2 tak keluar , otak kelaut -___-*

Theze 4days exam will suck my blood out of my body *cewahh overrr*
Will overwhelm me and frighten me all the way .

Doa ok ! Makasih :*

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