For you 💌

Maybe I contribute too much
That the other side did not appreciate the value of my sacrifactions
I give all my heart and attentions
To one person that I used to trust
And I dear very much
Because you are the only one
And I did not turn my heart around
Because it has always been you
Since everyday

And everyday I imagine a happily ever after
To be with someone I endear
Someone I give all hopes to
And I pray to Allah everyday
That He will guide you to the right path
And keep your heart with him
With me
Give you happiness
Since I cant bear to see you sad
Enveloping by grief 
That give shaitan a chance to clap and be happy with
 I pray to Allah 
You'll be under His aegis(protection)
I am the person who not easy to fall in love with
Not to give her heart away
Not to trust easily
But since I mentioned you in my du'a
You know where you are in my heart

And just one thing I demand
Pray to Allah I will be strong
So I can be the happy like I used to
And just in case you forget the thing
That I will forever keep you in my du'a
Because Allah has give me the tremendous feeling over you
That I never asked but you
And even your peccadillos(small sins)
I blinded myself just because I cant bear to see you hurt

But you simply turned around
And give your heart to anyone else
Our distance is not to punish or to gruel
It is because Allah loves us
That he doesnt want our love is affected by shaitan's whispers
It is because Allah wants to protect and guard us
So dont blame the fate and the destiny

I dont want you to choose
If you really love me whole-heartedly
You will fight
You will regain my trust
You will dear me with all your heart
Never to give anyone your any half of your heart

Yours truly
Just hoping you to read since I dont have the idea to express whats in my heart
For you.

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