This is hurt 💔

One day you will realise
The waiting that you did everyday doesnt worth
And the hope turned to dusts
And you know where you stand
It does not belong to that heart anymore
And even you try thousand times to mend the broken
Forever it will leave the scar
The person you have waited everyday been transmogrification
Leaving you behind with furrow
The person wont fight anymore
You are still holding the unsealing promises
You gotta move
Move to somewhere you belong
The vows will get back to quiscence

Giving all your best and regretted
Or maybe loyality is a myth
Told ya its never be a happily ever after
The person you dear everyday wont appreciate the best of you
And when everything has turn to hurls
You just realised that you are a fool to trust in the untruth promises
The heart that you never served for anyone else
Will has just been veiled by sorrow and grief
All you gotta do is wake up
And go on with your life
And achieve your goals
And in Allah's will
If you are meant and destined to be with the person
Nothing will stop your way
Even the storms are raging
Even the thorns are pricking
Be strong dear self even this is hurt❤️

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