How do we react to challenges ?

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 'How do we react to challenges ?'

"It is your mind set. We are the traveller. Set your mind that it is just a temporary. We will feel sad, fear, anxious and etc, but its gonna be temporary. Because those are the states of being a traveller"
-Yasmin Mogahed : Always A Traveller-

Hope is always be the most important thing to struggle. Shaitan will open the door to despair. But Allah never says ; it will never be too late.. 

Be hold onto Allah.

If you go to creation with emptiness, you will get back nothing. you will never feel satisfaction. Instead, if you go to Allah with emptiness, you will get back everything. Since, content yourselves with Allah before you go to creation.

Your heart is like a gas tank. It is designed by a creator to be filled with the right things. If it is never filled with unintended things, such orange juice, water and etc, your car will be broken. Same concept is applied to our heart -Yasmin Mogahed-

"Every tree that grows in Jannah by zikrullah. Like, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Laailaha illallah, Allahu akbar. So, to grow a beautiful garden in Jannah is with zikrullah"
-Mizz Nina-

Yeah, we are all going to be THE WOMEN OF JANNAH <3 p="">

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