WestPlate Sec 7, Shah Alam

Hai olls, Assalamualaikum!

Since study at late night makes me a bit sleepy, so kita pause jap, nak habaq satu benda, review pasal kedai makan,

K today nak cerita pasal WestPlate Sek 7, kedai baru lah jugak. Previously kedai Nasi Arab kalau tak silap. I've been there for 4 times I think.
So since I'm a chicken based meals fan, so the whole course to WestPlate has been always chicken grilled, or chicken chop. But Abah has been always love to see me putting on some weight, he loves to order another plate of seafood spaghetti for us to share :')

The food has mild taste, not too salty not too creamy, and not too sweet. Its quite sedap as far I concern. Tak tipu.
The second time I pergi sana, bila sampai je me and my sister terus cari toilet (I dont really like public toilets but since I really had to). So I entered and go searching2 for toilet, bersih weh toilet dia! and the jalan nak pergi toilet pun has been designed nicely! sinki dia unik gila sebab dia guna mcm kayu, sort of, and mmg bersih gila kayyy. (K pasal tandas and sinki pun nak cerita hahahaha but who cares?).
I excited sebab certain restoran or kafe just pentingkan luar je, but when it comes to toilet, they were like all cincai and tak bersih. But this time I give them a round applause for the hygiene!

Okay now we come to food and the taste kay. Food dia mmg okay gila. Sedap. Banyak. And quite murah jugak lah. Kalau korg tgk mcm sikit but actually tak habis lagi pun dh boleh rasa full gila. You guys should hit a try! Banyak choices weh, murah pun okay, service thorbaekkkkk!

Since kedai dia open air, mmg sempoi habis lah lepak situ. mcm quite calm and peaceful gak tempat dia. Kedai tepi tasik, so mcm mmg a bit sejuk, especially if dtg waktu malam.

If you guys wonder food dia cemana, nah tgk bawah ni. Try lah. Kalau sedap dtg lagi. Saya bagi 5bintang! Adios.


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